Trying to figure out what else is holding back Taavi’s quality and quantity of sleep. We’re working on the emotional aspects, as always, and refocusing on getting to the bottom of the physical ones.

Collecting a list of things to buy and do while Taavi and I are in New York for the first half of December. Half of them involve the local pharmacy.

Listening to Finias talk and talk and talk. “Cracker” remains his go-to word but there are lots of others. “Bobi” and “Opa” are starting to happen. I asked him to say “cup” and after careful consideration he, like his brother before him, said “bup”. Later he tried again and got out with “buc”. Taavi doesn’t have many (English) words left that aren’t clear and recognizable to others. Offhand, “turble” (turtle) is my remaining favorite.

Reviving a 2007 MacBook2,1 (64-bit system with 32-bit EFI). I found instructions for installing Ubuntu from USB and fixing up the hard disk’s EFI partition afterward and voilà, Lubuntu 21.10 is running as decently as can be expected, constrained as it is by 1GB RAM and an 80GB spinning disk. Also found instructions for the iSight webcam that did the trick. Zoom is installed and looks like it ought to work in a pinch. Next I might figure out how to suspend on lid close. Why bother? Over the summer I had reacquainted myself with the joys of reviving a bunch of old machines with recent operating systems. For the most usable of them all — my 2006 MacPro1,1 with lots of RAM and an SSD — I hadn’t quite worked out its best option. With the tricks I’ve just learned, next summer I’ll be able to bring it up and put it to work. Pretty cool for a 15-year-old machine.

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