For the December meetup of Jersey City Java, Bob Allen presented Coaching Teams to Do the Impossible… as they see it, and, without straining their backs.

About the presentation:

As some of you likely have some appreciation for, what I and my fellow technical and product coaches do, when we are lucky, is a hard sell from the get-go. Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • We ask a whole team to do things they have never even contemplated doing,
  • For an extended period of time (4 to 6 weeks),
  • And to do it repeatedly,
  • All together,
  • With a WIP limit of ONE.

Keep in mind, the clients are typically very large companies, whose employees often experience ‘transformation fatigue’ (been there, done that, didn’t even get the dang t-shirt). Let me tell you some stories about how it is done, why and how it works, and why you might even want to do it yourself.