I’m looking for my next full-time role in engineering leadership (such as Director, VP, CTO) and/or senior engineering (such as Principal or Staff).

I love people, want them to succeed, and have fairly reliably made myself helpful.

You may already know me from Agile in 3 Minutes, my Coding Tour, my PubMob, meetups I’ve run, talks I’ve given, approximately a zillion podcasts I’ve guested on, or most recently my Daily and Weekly Piano Miniatures. I’m happy to say my track record of being an effective influencer extends beyond social media.

Some core competencies

  • Coaching (technical and otherwise, all levels of the org)
  • Managing (risks, products, and people)
  • Contributing (tests, code, relentless improvements to developer UX, you name it)
  • Inviting and supporting meaningful conversations
  • Making and supporting effective decisions
  • Orienting myself — and helping others orient themselves — in new problem spaces
  • Seeking out and attending to unmet needs
  • Rooting practical daily choices in values and principles, and vice versa
  • Making workplaces more humane
  • Supporting people as the whole human beings they are
  • Giving, always and constructively, a shit

People saying nice things about my…

A sampling of people saying nice things on the LinkedIn copy of this very post

A wonderful leader and leading practitioner. Here is a great opportunity for a software engineering organization that wants happy teams and happy customers.
— Lisa Crispin

A thoughtful and competent person. I highly recommend bringing him in to help your organization achieve better success.
— George Dinwiddie

One of the most talented people I’ve met in my Agile journey. He’d be great for your company.
— Colleen Esposito

A great technical leader. Get him and save yourselves years!
— Ewan O’Leary

I cannot say enough great things about Amitai. You should definitely hire him.
— Kristen Belcher

Excellent addition to any team. And an all around great human too.
— Doc Norton

Opportunity!! Amitai is an awesome engineering leader!
— Ruth Malan

A pleasure to work with: walks the talk and doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. I wish we could hire him.
— Jeeva Nadarajah

An absolute wizard at helping software delivery folks get the most out of themselves and their organizations. I’ve seen first-hand his engineering expertise, and I’ve seen first-hand how great he is at helping others learn and improve. He’s one of the few engineering leaders who’s expert at true collaboration across the business-engineering chasm.
— Jim Holmes

I’m gonna be so jealous of whoever gets to hire Amitai, that’s all I’ll say.
— Dragan Stepanovi�

If you’re a hiring manager involved in software development, there are two questions to focus on:

  1. Why haven’t we hired Amitai yet?
  2. When is the soonest moment on my calendar I can talk with Amitai?

— Zach Bonaker


  • For employers in the USA, I am a permanent resident and do not require a work permit
  • For locations across the USA and Europe, my US/Eastern timezone ensures some synchronous working hours every day
  • My résumé

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