School started Wednesday. It’s going better than it might have, but not as well as it needs to. We’d be worried even if we had a basis for guessing how it’d unfold. Following a meeting with staff this morning, it sounds like the beginning of a plan is in place, and the next step will be to meet again in a couple weeks and adjust.

Kids being out of the house means it becomes possible, on average, for me to do the job of finding the right job. Today was all kid-related appointments, though, so progress is deferred until tomorrow.

According to the calendar, tomorrow is wide open; according to my body, it’s not. With the house empty, I’m able to notice, observe, and honor myself enough to feel the stress in my neck, shoulders, and sometimes chest.

It’s been a lot, for a long time. Maybe we’re turning a corner? As always, we’re trying to.

What’s this?

It’s a /now page. is a directory of people with /now pages. I’m listed there.