Why this patch

This is a copy of Marcelo Coelho’s SRS patch, rebased onto notqmail with TLS-onlyremote and QMAILREMOTE.

If you want to handle Sender Rewriting Scheme, but Marcelo’s original patch doesn’t apply cleanly to your source tree, this patch may be useful to you.

Without this patch

Find another way to do SRS, such as Greg Wooledge’s.

With this patch

Follow the [original patch’s configuration instructions].

Get this patch

Download and apply notqmail-1.07-tls-20190517-qmailremote-20190819-srs-20190819.patch.

(Generated with git diff notqmail-1.07-tls-20190517-qmailremote-20190819 notqmail-1.07-tls-20190517-qmailremote-20190819-srs-20190819.)

Improve this patch

If you see a simpler way to do it, I’d love to know.