Why this patch

I wanted Bruce Guenter’s syncdir to build with versions of Mac OS X where syscall() has been removed. (It was deprecated in 10.12.)

Without this patch

On systems with syscall() deprecated, build with warnings and a sense of foreboding. On systems lacking syscall(), fail to build.

With this patch

On systems with syscall() present and warning-free, continue to build as before. On systems with syscall() absent or warning-ful, use dlsym() instead.

Get this patch

First, apply the syncdir-libtool patch. Then download and apply syncdir-1.0-libtoolize-20181112-dlsym-20181203.1.patch.

(Generated with git diff syncdir-1.0-libtoolize-20181112 syncdir-1.0-libtoolize-20181112-dlsym-20181203.1.)

Improve this patch

If you see a simpler way to do it, I’d love to know.