Troy Lightfoot’s participation was one of the reasons Markus Silpala’s and my Agile Coach Camp session on programming for non-programmers went so well. When Troy, who’s on the Board of Directors of the Agile Uprising, suggested we try the same idea online, I was happy to participate.

Our non-programmers were Rachel Gertz and Dave Prior, who deserve our appreciation for their willingness to learn in public. Here’s mine: thank you, Rachel and Dave, for asking your questions even when Troy or I hadn’t thought to pause for questions, and for patiently waiting for us to make use of your ideas. In retrospect, I wonder whether it might have gone better for us if we’d acted on Dave’s initial suggestion to print all the numbers first, then iterate toward completion.

We test-drove our FizzBuzz program live last night, along with several viewers, on the Agile Uprising’s new Twitch channel. Here’s the recorded video.

Update: Here’s Dave’s writeup.