In July, Tim Bourguignon and I will be in London to offer two sessions at SPA Software in Practice. While there, I plan to attend the XTC London meetup.

As of this writing, tickets are available for SPA. Our abstracts:

”What Would YOU Call This Workshop?” And Other Powerful Questions

Do you know how to ask questions? We all do, right? All kids go through a “why” phase. Can you remember yours? Or your kid’s? If you were a kid right now, how exactly would you ask one more question, to an adult that had one too many already, in order to get a real answer? And did you realize we used 4 different types of questions in this first paragraph? Each had a different purpose…

Whether in a mob, pair programming, or just in a team working with other human beings, good questions are paramount. Asking a misguided or inaccurate question can lead you down the wrong rabbit hole… or destroy the energy of your group altogether. In other words, if you can’t communicate clearly, you’re toast.

So start thinking about the questions you ask. Experience the “Question Formulation Technique” exercise. Experiment with different question forms and become an interrogation expert. That’s the plan of this workshop.


Strangle Your Legacy Code

When you’re mired in an ancient codebase that makes refactoring risky and expensive, how do you clear a path to continued delivery? According to the old saw, the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, and the next best time is today. But if you already have a gnarled old source tree, an old saw is the wrong tool. Instead, plant a Strangler: a pattern for preserving your software investment by arranging for new functionality to grow in a new codebase.

As a mob, we’ll test-drive a Strangler, then test-drive new features into it. Don’t know what to try next? Take the keyboard. Got an idea? Step away and talk someone else through it. You’ll leave with a powerful strategy for extending the useful life of working, valuable software — especially when it’s hard to change. We’ll also send you home with a free bonus development practice to accelerate your team’s learning. For a limited time only!


Where else can we meet up in the coming months? See my upcoming speaking engagements and also conferences and meetups I’m thinking about.

It’s not gonna work out? You’re welcome to buy me a fancy coffee, and I’ll look forward to reciprocating in person someday.