On Friday, May 10, Faye Thompson and I will be facilitating a session called Two Midwesterners Politely Invite You To Explore Coding at Big Apple Scrum Day in New York City. Here’s the abstract:

Wonder what it’s like to do what programmers do? Maybe people have tried to explain it, but didn’t put it in terms that computed for you. Perhaps you’ve considered participating in your team’s mobbing sessions but weren’t confident that you could contribute. Or maybe you would like to become more technical, but the mere thought of trying to code has felt intimidating. Today is a new day!

Faye’s a non-programmer from Ohio, Amitai’s a sometimes-programmer from Illinois, and with your help, we’ll solve a problem by thinking and coding together. If you want to, you can take a brief turn at the keyboard; if not, no biggie. When we’re done, we think you’ll have a new kind of feeling about code and coding. You might even want to pursue it further.

BASD also holds a Coaches Clinic, where you can talk through a situation you’re facing and, in so doing, perhaps gain some new understanding or insight. You can find Faye and me there too, ready to discuss coding or just about anything else.

As of this writing, tickets are available.

Need consulting, coaching, and/or training with a technical focus? I have some availability for focused engagements in the New York metropolitan area. We’ll design them together, targeted to your context. Here’s what I offer; here’s what people say.

Where else can we meet up in the coming months? See my upcoming speaking engagements and also conferences and meetups I’m thinking about. Or invite me to speak at your company event!