I’m participating in something rather silly tomorrow. Late notice, I know, but maybe you’ll get a kick out of watching.

A year ago, or whenever the heck it was, I was helping organize the 2020 edition of deliver:Agile, the Agile Alliance conference focused on practitioners and techniques. (I had been part of the 2016, 2017, and 2019 conferences. It’s one of my favorites.) Turns out this wasn’t the best year for conferences. Ours didn’t happen. But the Agile Alliance has been holding — and will continue to hold in 2021 — a series of events on the deliver:Agile theme. For tomorrow’s event, I’m part of the show.

Have you

(a) Always wanted to watch a dramatic reading of anthropomorphized processor architectures arguing their merits with each other?

(b) Only just now realized this?

(c) Not yet admitted it to yourself?

You’re in luck! On December 17 at 1:30pm US/Eastern, Sue Johnston and I will be performing the roles of the two processor architectures, with the moderator played by Markus Silpala (with whom I presented at last year’s deliver:Agile). Then we’ll be joined by April Jefferson, Sarah Withee, James Shore, Cat Swetel, and Ron Jeffries for a game of Quiplash customized for the occasion by Margaret McKever. Register here.

(The event is for paid Agile Alliance members only. You may already be one.)