In mid-February, I’ll be presenting “Strangle Your Legacy Code” at Mini-SPA. The abstract:

Given an ancient codebase that makes refactoring risky and expensive, how do you clear a path to continued delivery? The old wisdom says the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, and the next best time is today. But if you already have a gnarled old source tree, preserve your software investment by planting a Strangler: a pattern for reaping continuous value from your existing system while growing new functionality alongside it. We’ll define our terms, meet some legacy code and its Strangler (both open source), then test-drive new features into the system. You’ll leave with a powerful strategy for extending the useful life of working, valuable software — especially when it’s hard to change.

Mini-SPA, a one-day event in Leeds, UK, is something of a tasting menu for the British Computer Society’s Software Practice Advancement “Software in Practice” conference held every summer (including this July). It so happens that the material for this talk first came to life at SPA 2018, at the dawn of my coding tour.

If you’re in the Leeds area, I’m sorry; I’ll be presenting remotely, so we’ll have to meet in person another time. No matter where you are, “Strangle Your Legacy Code” is one of the interactive remote workshops I’m happy to offer your team. More about my consulting offerings below.

Mini-SPA is free. As of this writing, conference tickets are available.

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