Chris Lucian and Austin Chadwick had me on their show to talk about the synergy between mobbing and coaching, mobbing in legacy code, and programming for non-programmers. I strongly suggest listening to the updated audio-only version, which has been remastered to sound much better.

(There is video, but since it doesn’t use my locally recorded track, I’m harder to hear.)

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Would your org benefit from a rare combination of technical coaching and influential conversations? (Take other people’s word for it, not mine.) A corporate client recently said “AMAZING! I wish you could spend even more time with us” after the first of many two-hour whole-team sessions. It’s not too late to book me for Q1 or Q2. Let’s talk about what fits for you.

Would you personally benefit from an individualized session with an experienced, inquisitive, and empathetic conversation partner? Maybe you’re facing a challenging situation at work, a learning opportunity in some code — or both. An individual client recently went from “frustrated” to “energized” in the span of an hour. I’d love to make myself useful to you. Get in touch.