On February 25, I’ll be one of the mob facilitators at the University of Minnesota’s Code Freeze Conference (not to be confused with the Codefreeze unconference in Finland, which isn’t happening this year). This year’s theme is “Humane Engineering”. Other facilitators include Fred Zuill, Camille Bell, Llewellyn Falco, Tim Ottinger, Sandra Spaeth, Paul Mendoza, Oscar Villarreal, Matthew Killoran, Woody Zuill, Jeff Langr, Dave Nicolette, Tom Ayerst, Alexander Bird, Andy Graham, Alex Barry, Chris Stead, Art Bergquist, Scott Ngo, Zachary Rogers, Florian Schneider, David Laribee, Nate Ashford, Jesse Riley, Kyle Griffin Aretae, Bob Allen, Robert Whalen, Steve Paro, Markus Silpala, Austin Chadwick, and Chris Lucian. Check out the full program and register here.