I reached back to hold the door open for the next person exiting South Station, and it turned out to be Mike, on his way back from a short trip. Odds of this occurring are low enough that I'm not yet convinced it happened.

We're ordering SDSL from MegaPath. It looks like a great package. We'll find out how it works!

Mildly hungry and armed with $5 in McDonald's gift certificates, I got some sort of “meal” costing $5 and change. I gave them the certificates and a dollar from my pocket. They gave me my “food” and $1.32 in change. Get the picture? They were paying me to take their stuff. While I admit that it might have made “eating” that stuff worthwhile, I realized that they'd given me a one-dollar coin, assuming it was a quarter. I straightened them out. Sure, they have more gazillions than I do, and it's only seventy-five cents, but they made an honest mistake and it's their money.

Did up a little PHP and MySQL to poll Daily Jolt users for the biggest nuisance in their lives. Not sure how we're going to use this, but it was cool to have added something properly to the system.

Just barely caught the 59 from the Newton Highlands T stop to Homer Street, avoiding most of the rain. 60 cents, runs on schedule, very nice bus. I continue to be impressed with Boston's public transportation.