Got to the office at 7:30. Nobody else was there yet. I think I will do this regularly in order to have some journal time every day.

Mike showed me how to set up a new school in the database, and pointed me at some administrative tools. He's been doing a great job of introducing me to the content-management system. I look forward to when I'll have documented it so that we can plan a rewrite. I set a few schools to summer mode, as requested, and passed results of the quick poll (already a few hundred responses!) to Amit for publication.

Pedro and I, searching for lunch, considered walking past South Station to the unknown, but opted for the known nearby A Street Diner. Hey, it was raining. I got the roast beef dinner, complete with potatoes, rice, gravy, and pita. It rocked! I ended up not eating much for dinner because I was still satisfied from lunch.

Rami and Aya's granddaughter Rebecca (who according to this chart is my first cousin once removed — but not, I suppose, before she is removed?) came over and watched Victor Borge with us. She enjoyed the physical humor and watching us laugh. She is a pianist too! I shall have to hear her play.