If I can just make it to Tuesday, then I can make it to the following Wednesday, and then life will be fantastic. Summer plans include:

But first I have to finish this semester's work. Already done or under control:

  • composing a new piece (my second)
  • reviewing another concert (classical or modern)
  • theoretically bringing Philo's literary magazine to print and distribution (thankfully, my coeditor has been making everything happen)
  • nothing for Jazz, thanks be to God (I dropped it)

Not yet under control:

  • orchestrating my first piece and one of Schubert's piano works by Monday
  • researching and writing a final paper on the applicability of linguistic notions of syntax to music by Tuesday
  • Music History 20th-century exam Monday
  • Ear Training final exam Monday
  • researching and writing a final paper on the historical evolution of composers' writings about their own works by two weeks from today
  • Music History final exam two weeks from today

The next several days will be rather tight, and the following week too. But well worth it.