I’ll be presenting Bring Your Whole Self To Work (In 15 Years Or Less)! at Self.conference. Here’s the abstract:

A few weeks into my latest gig, it became clear that what folks needed most from me was to come in every day and be myself. Cool, I was gonna do that anyway — except at every other job I’ve had, that’s never totally worked out. What makes me so sure it’s different this time? What’s changed in this new role? What’s changed about me, and why, and how?

Come hear a tale full of embarrassments, disappointments, and learnings, of mild reductions of obliviousness, of gradual improvements in efficiency, of partially mitigated personal weaknesses, and of matching who I am to where I belong.

How can I help?

If our lives have ever crossed paths (in any way, at any time), tell me the one thing you remember most vividly about our time together. Maybe something along these lines:

  • What were we trying to do?
  • What was I struggling with?
  • What was it like to interact with me?
  • What was important to me?
  • What did it seem like maybe I was starting to figure out?
  • What could you see about me and/or my situation that I wasn’t seeing?
  • What hilariously dumb thing(s) did I do that everyone who was there will remember forever?

…or anything else that’s coming to mind. Then please yes right now email it to me.

P.S. Even if it’s been a while — especially if it’s been a while — I’ll be very happy to hear from you.

P.P.S. Even if you’re not entirely sure I’d be happy to hear from you, I promise you, I will be!