What I did

On Friday I attended Self.conference just long enough to take in Justin Searlsopening keynote, give my talk (sorry, intentionally no slides or recording), have an assumption-questioning lunchtime conversation with my friend David, and get to the airport. It’s not that I didn’t want to stay longer, but it had suddenly become more pressing that I go meet this fellow:

the nephew

No regrets about my prioritization decision, but also no question I missed out. Had I stayed longer, I would’ve had more conversations (dunno which) and attended more talks such as these:

(More slides)

Nonetheless, I’m proud to have played a very small part in a conference dedicated equally to developing software and developing humans.

What you might do

The organizers are seeking donations to help cover for this year’s sponsorship shortfall. If you’d prefer to wait and review the conference financials first, they’ll be made public shortly. But if you’re already sure you’d like to pitch in, you can.

I’m sure. I want the chance to experience what I missed.