After the first of my three weeks at this fitness retreat, I’m pleased with the outcomes:

  1. Since I’m working on strength, flexibility, and overall fitness, it’s no surprise my muscles (and possibly metabolism) are waking up.
  2. Despite not writing or recording anything (or otherwise working), there’s been a surprising amount of new stuff with me in it. That’s because other folks have been doing the hard parts.

Enjoy new stuff…

In the sidebar, under “Recent Showings”, you’ll notice links to each of these (until something newer comes along). That’s because — thanks to the evident need and the downtime between workouts — I’ve reorganized. If you’d like to be notified of new stuff happening, each of these pages has an RSS feed:

In any case, if you’re here to see, hear, or read my opinions, I hope I’ve made them easier to find.

An uprooted tree

…While I’m replacing old stuff

I’m here to uproot some of my habits, and perhaps some of the opinions that have been reinforcing them.

Yesterday was a rest day. Today is not. Back to it.