On Sunday we got in the car for only the second time since arriving in Germany in late March. The first time had been to the local hospital for the birth of our son Finias; this time, to the regional hospital to scan his brain. Only one parent could enter the building, for virus-precautionary reasons. So Taavi has been home several days without his mother or brother. I’ve been trying to savor the time alone with the big guy. Things always change when a new baby arrives. It sure would be a relief to know how much, though, and for how long. Maybe it can be some relief that a great many parents have wondered this.

Taavi’s very into learning German and Hebrew (”Hebrew first and then German”, he emphasizes) with Duolingo on my phone. He hadn’t been able to work the old iPhone SE with one hand, so he doesn’t seem to mind how much bigger the new one is. He’s even more into numbers, so he definitely doesn’t mind how it has space for my music library, starting with They Might Be Giants “Here Come The 123s”. We’ve been listening to it outside, at mealtimes, just because, and in between. Last two naps, on his way down, I’ve easily overheard him singing Nine Bowls of Soup. The new phone arrived just in time to set it up with two SIM cards — my usual American number, plus a German one — which was handy when I had to wait in the parking lot (virus-precautionary reasons, again) to be called in when it was time for labor. And it arrived just in time to take more and better pictures of Finias and Taavi. When the big guy wakes up from his nap, we’ll get in the car again.

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