After 4.5 months of parental leave, I once again have time, space, and attention for my consulting work. I’m pleased to be returning not only to my corporate and individual clients but also to PubMob, a new venture spearheaded by Jeff Langr. Jeff bills it as “the first-ever marketplace for remote collaborative software development and training.” (What’s “mob programming” about? Here, I’ll tell you in 3 minutes.) From the press release:

PubMob provides consumers and businesses with face-to-face access to software development experts in cozy and compact online forums known as mob programming sessions. is open today worldwide and accepting bookings for sessions.

In my pub, for starters, I’m offering Strangle Your Legacy Code this Friday. If it looks like your sort of thing, I’d be happy to see you there. If not, I’d be happy to hear about topics that interest you more. Either way, also check out what’s on offer from Emily Bache, Llewellyn Falco, J.B. Rainsberger, and the other PubMob session leads.