Settling into a steady work schedule is still in progress, in large part because we needed to readjust Taavi’s kindergarten schedule. Having him nap in his own bed and then playing at home was an immediate win, but all of us are still trying to find a new equilibrium involving sufficient sleep — and for me, sufficiently sustained and focused work time.

Another shift will come tomorrow. We’re moving upstairs, where construction has completed, so that downstairs construction can begin. One relatively early return on this continued investment will soonishly be an office, something I haven’t had since March (though my temporary digs for the last month are more than fine). We’ll be without our own kitchen until the downstairs is complete. In the interim I foresee making coffee at my desk, sharing the in-laws’ kitchen, and more sous vide action. None of which are hardships.

Speaking of hardships, the network uplink in the village has finally been upgraded to fiber. It’s been occasionally unreliable, but now that I’ve gotten admin access to the house’s infrastructure devices, updated firmware, grokked the topology, and tweaked configurations, being online has mostly faded to background — something that had never been true here before. The bandwidth has served me well on video calls, including my first two PubMob programming sessions and the first meetup of the revived Jersey City Java User Group.

All this change is why I’ve been hesitant to commit more time to my clients. I haven’t felt sure of being able to follow through. I do sense (in-house move aside) that we’re converging on a new family routine. So I’m ramping up my client time a bit next week. Wish me luck.

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