For the November meetup of the Jersey City JUG, Pejman Ghorbanzade presented Continuous Regression Testing Using Touca SDK for Java.

About the presentation:

Making code changes to real-world software systems without introducing unintended side-effects is non-trivial. There are methods and tools to help us mitigate the inherent risks. One of these methods is regression testing that helps us verify the behavior of our software using a large number of test cases. But regression testing frameworks are clunky, have high maintenance costs, and produce results that are difficult to manage at scale. These limitations have largely made their use an after-thought for most software teams.

Touca is an early-stage startup trying to rethink regression testing. They offer open-source SDKs that enable describing the behavior and performance of software workflows by capturing values of variables and runtime of functions. They remotely compare this description against a previous trusted version and report differences in near real-time.

Join us for an interactive session to explore this new approach to regression testing and to evaluate Touca’s implementation of that approach. We will try their new Java SDK ( to see if we can safely refactor two well-known code Katas in a friendly ensemble programming session. We will take turns to share our thoughts about this new approach, and share general tips about changing real-world codebases safely and efficiently.

If you missed it, you missed an ensemble programming session writing Touca tests for an existing codebase. Pejman’s explanation and demo is short and sweet. Watch.