Why this package

This package installs notqmail, according to my best-judged balance between the costs of applying one more patch for additional functionality vs. the costs of not applying it. I think you’ll find the defaults sensible; if not, I’d love to know why not.

If you’re looking to run qmail easily on a wide variety of systems — possibly without adopting DJB’s daemon-supervision lifestyle — this package may be useful to you.

You may prefer installing pkgsrc-qmail-run rather than installing this package directly.

Without this package

Build notqmail from source, following its instructions, using your judgment about which patches you need and applying them by hand. Expect to adjust PATH in several places due to qmail’s historical install locations under /var/qmail.

With this package

Expect stuff to just work, including old programs that expect everything to be under /var/qmail.

Get this package


# pkgin -y install qmail


$ cd /usr/pkgsrc/mail/qmail
$ make install

(Developed in pkgsrc, and sometimes offline with git.)

Status of this package

As part of pkgsrc-qmail-run, this package is generally expected to build and run on all supported pkgsrc platforms. If you find one where it doesn’t, that’s a bug: please let me know.

Improve this package

If you see a simpler way to do it, I’d love to know.