Why this package

This package creates the config files and NetBSD-style rc.d scripts needed to run ?pkgsrc-qmail, provides convenient wrappers for procmail, spamassassin, and rspamd, and brings in all the needed dependencies for a basic qmail installation.

It includes:

  • qmail (notqmail 1.08 with bigdns, customerror, eai, maildiruniq, outgoingip, spp, srs, syncdir, tls)
  • acceptutils
  • checkpassword
  • daemontools
  • greetdelay
  • greylisting-spp
  • libtai
  • mess822
  • qmail-qfilter
  • qmail-spp-spf
  • rejectutils
  • syncdir
  • ucspi-ssl

If you’re looking to run qmail easily on a wide variety of systems — possibly without adopting DJB’s daemon-supervision lifestyle — this package may be useful to you.

Without this package

To configure qmail services to be started and stopped, follow Life with qmail’s instructions, then use its qmailctl script.

With this package

Follow the very brief instructions in the install message. To see it again:

$ pkg_info -D qmail-run

Get this package


# pkgin -y install qmail-run


$ cd /usr/pkgsrc/mail/qmail-run
$ make install

(Developed in pkgsrc, and sometimes offline with git.)

Status of this package

The below results reflect whether

  1. This qmail-run package and all its dependencies — including qmail — build, package, and install correctly with the default settings (”installs”)
  2. The ?pkgsrc-rc.d-boot package supports your OS’s native boot process (”runs at boot”)

If you’ll be using your own run scripts, ignore “runs at boot”.

OS version arch installs runs at boot date attested notes
CentOS 6.x x86_64 (./) (./) (rc.d-boot init.d) 2018/12/28 dev VM
CentOS 7.x x86_64 (./) (./) (rc.d-boot systemd) 2018/12/21 dev VM
Darwin 10.8.0 i386 (./) (./) (rc.d-boot launchd) 2019/02/02 dev VM
Darwin 18.2.0 x86_64 (./) (./) (rc.d-boot launchd) 2018/12/18 my laptop
Debian 9.x x86_64 (./) (./) (rc.d-boot systemd) 2018/12/18 dev VM
Devuan 2.x x86_64 (./) (./) (rc.d-boot init.d) 2018/12/28 dev VM
FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE amd64 (./) (./) (native rc.d) 2018/12/18 dev VM
NetBSD 8.0 amd64 (./) (./) (native rc.d) 2018/12/18 my mail server
NetBSD -current amd64 (./) (./) (native rc.d) 2018/12/18 dev VM
OpenBSD 6.4 amd64 (./) (./) (rc.d-boot rc.d) 2018/12/28 dev VM
Tribblix 0m20.5 x86_64 (./) {X} (needs SMF support) 2018/12/18 dev VM

Improve this package

If you see a simpler way to do it, I’d love to know.